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Mr. K S N Murthy, the main promoter of SOUTHERN HERBALS LIMITED., and the driving force for the entire group is very distinguished personality with a proven track record. The Promoters include a healthy combination of Enterpreneurs, Financial Professionals, Scientists and Adriculturists.


Mr. K S N Murthy, born on 6th May 1941 is an ex-employee of Defence Research and Development Organisation, Government of India. He has vast experience in standardisation, Separation and stabilisation of active ingredients. He has specific interest in organic and Bio-chemistry. He is highly knowledgeable in identifying herbs and plants, their cultivation and Propagation. He is highly resourceful in extraction and isolation of compounds from the herbs and plants which are of great importance to human life.

His intensive study tour in the European Countries has made him gain the experience in the manufacture of Drugs and Intermediates.

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He has also associated himself with Asia Pacific Centre for Technology Transfer, UNITED NATIONS, for technology of Top-Priority Drugs Intermediates. He has participated in various seminars conducted by basic Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and export Promotion Council and Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Government of India. He has thorough knowledge of Bulk Drug Manufacture and separation of Alkaloids.

India is a word known Botanical garden with richest flora and fauna having more than 3000 species of plants which can contrubute to curing of deadly diseases. SHL aims at taking the maximum advantage of this nature's gift to the world.

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