Southern Herbals Limited

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International Recognition

Southern Herbals has to its credit Recognition from many national and International Organization.

Southern Herbals Limited is recognized by the world known organizations like:

Asia Pacific Center for Technology Transfer, UNITED NATIONS
United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNITED NATIONS
  • I.E.S.C
I.E.S.C a joint experts organization promoted by Government of America and Government of India, supported by United Nations
  • Triangular Research
Triangular Research Institute, USA world known research institute of Anti Cancer Drugs
  • S.G.S
S.G.S world known inspection agency
  • GOI
Government of India's exemption orders for sampling of products before exports and personal handling of export consignments
  • ISO
Accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 simultaneously for the first time in India
  • IIHR
Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Government of India.
Central Institute Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Government of India
  • IIM
Indian Institute of Management.


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