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Southern Herbals - Facility Southern Herbals Limited is not only a manufacturer of high value anti Cancer / Chemotherapy / Neoplastic bulk drugs but also a promoter of a formulating company for over 53 of the most important anticancer high value drugs.
Southern Herbals Limited is managed by a Board of Directors who are enterprising and having Professional and business background. The Company has a team of qualified and experienced professionals from various fields for the various operations in the key areas such as Production, Finance, Marketing, Administration and personnel. The Promoters have put in lots of efforts to keep pace with the world technology. Their dedication in the field has earned them the fortunate association of eminent personalities like Dr. Manrowal, Dr. David Helpern and Dr. Manshukwani of USA who are responsible for isolation and commercial production of most of the advanced anticancer base drugs.
Extraction Plant The Manufacturing process of Southern Herbals involves extraction and isolation of active compounds from Plants and herbs through a sophisticated Counter Current Carrousel Extraction Unit and Centrifugal Partition Chromatography System. The process is of module type conforming to CMP ( Current Good Manufacturing Practices) under sterile and clean air conditions, conforming ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Standards. Southern Herbals Limited is in the field since 1983 and is known for its products like Vincristine, Taxol and Camptothecine etc.,
Activity also includes large scale cultivation of herbal plants on 1500 acres of land other than Tissue and Cell Culture. As a result, the Company is capable of competing with world leaders. Raw Materials are tropical terrestrial plants. The promoters exercise strict control on the source of materials by captive cultivation covering the majority of the requirement. Southern Herbals Limited concentrates more on tissue culture plants than normally cultivated ones to maintain time frame and the quality of the products. Southern Herbals Limited also purchases the raw materials from reliable and establised cultivators. Cultivation
Southern Herbals - Lab Southern Herbals Limited with its independent R and D devoted to the field and establishment of modern production unit under one roof has contributed its mite to the force combating the dreadful cancer. The Company has the growing confidence and hopes to combat AIDS also.


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